LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With possible fraud in the James Craig campaign, fighting within the Republican party and the divisive issue of abortion, it’s shaping up to be a brutal Republican primary.

To help make sense of all this chaos, WLNS Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick breaks down some of the hot-button issues surrounding the race for the Republican governor nomination.

“We have Mark Brewer, who’s the former state Democratic Party Chair, alleging that in the case of the candidacy of Republican candidate for governor James Craig, he did not allegedly file enough valid petition signatures to get on the ballot in August,” said Skubick.

“He needed to turn in 15,000 [signatures]. The Craig campaign says they turned into over 21,000. What’s the problem?” There were a lot of forgeries. That’s what the problem is. And you shouldn’t be on the ballot [Brewer says.] Now, the lawyers for Mr. Craig have filed a complaint in a rebuttal if you will,” Skubick continued.

To see Skubick’s full interview, check out the video player above.