SKUBICK: Poll shows that majority of Michiganders think teachers are underpaid


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – While educators are confronting the school mask issue, some positive news for them tonight as a majority of citizens would raise taxes to help schools, and a majority feel teachers are underpaid.

It used to be years ago that citizens thought teachers had it made. They get their summers off and did no heavy lifting in their jobs. 

That was then.

But now because of Covid, the attitudes about teacher pay have shifted as 58% believe they are indeed underpaid.

“I think a lot of people, especially parents, have suddenly realized exactly what teachers go through every single day,” said Gelngariff pollster Richard Czuba.

“And suddenly they wonder how do teachers do this,” said Czuba.

This statewide survey also shows 66% of voters would support a modest tax hike if it was earmarked for schools.

  • Strong Democrats:  88%
  • Independents: 66%
  • Republicans: 47%

Even though Republicans are not that strong on higher school taxes, Mr. Czuba reports you don’t need all of them to pass a tax hike.

“When you split republicans and you have strong support from Democrats and independents, that’s a winning coalition so you don’t need all Republican votes.”

The most startling finding in the survey shows that 90% of citizens would support more money for students with disabilities and those in poverty.

“it appears that both sides of the aisle can agree that when it comes to poverty and children falling behind with disabilities, that more money is needed to go there to help those children.”

Finally, some good news for educators who haven’t had a lot of that lately.

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