LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The lobby group representing the 15 university presidents in our state is pushing back.

The eight GOP candidates for governor were asked if they favored shutting off state support to the state’s 15 universities.

“My answer to that is yes. We need to fund our students and not our universities. They have huge endowments that don’t need any more money in our state budget,” said Ralph DeBrandt.

“I do believe that it needs to be significantly reduced. A lot of it is being spent on things that the taxpayers do not need to spend that money on,” said Ryan Kelley.

The CEO of the College Presidents Association calls such comments curious and concerning.

“It’s a disconnect, its extreme policy proposals. but college presidents and the vast majority of taxpayers,” said Dan Hurley, CEO of the College Presidents Association.

Mike Brown would not stop state support but he wants every student to get the same amount and let them choose the schools they want.

Candidate Perry Johnson wants to stop the influx of foreign students.

Candidates Tudor Dixon, Garrett Soldano, and Mike Markey would not cut off state aid to higher ed