Skubick: Road revenue not on lawmakers’ agenda


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – House republicans want to give out less money for business tax credits and use that cash to put into road funding.

But that’s not all they’re looking for at this time.

As 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick say lawmakers are looking for a new tax on electric cars.

The Snyder administration is pumping state dollars into the Michigan economic development corporation to provide more jobs

But house republicans are saying it’s time for some of those business tax credits to go into the roads.

The MEDC CEO warned that some important programs would be cut if the money is re-directed.

“We think the roads are a higher priority that is not to say the business tax are a bad thing, but maybe it’s time for the pendulum to swing the other way,” said state representative Jeff Farrington (r), chair, road panel.

The committee also wants to slap a new tax on electric and hybrid vehicles.

But this environmental lobbyist contends that sends the wrong signal.

“The message to the consumer is we’re going to charge you extra for buying those cars so its send the message that consumers are probably going to think twice before purchasing them.”

This republican supports electric cars but he has drivers back home paying more money and he says that’s unfair.

“They already are paying a higher tax burden to fix our roads and the electric vehicle are not,” said State Rep. Peter Pettalia, (r), road committee.

While the committee is trying to find new road money where ever it can in the current state budget, there is no talk about raising taxes to do the job.

Reporter: “So when do you expect the revenue to magically appear?”

Jeff Farrington, chair, road panel: “It’s not on the agenda.”

Reporter: “When will it be?”

Farrington: “It’s not on the agenda.”

The panel meets again next Tuesday to look for ways to fix the roads, without raising revenue, because as you just heard it’s not on the agenda.

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