Skubick: Same-sex marriage support up from 2004 vote


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Michigan voters went to the ballot box to outlaw same-sex marriage in Michigan back in 2004.

But a new poll indicates that if the vote took place again today, the majority of the great lakes states would support it.

But the numbers show some deep divides on the issue, depending on everything from how old you are to what religion you believe in.

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick has the latest numbers which includes a big change from 10 years ago.

When you had asked the electorate 10 years ago about gay marriage, the majority said ban it.

Now in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling making it legal, 56 percent of the citizens have changed their minds.

6 News pollster Bernie Porn reports that young voters are driving this switch in attitudes.

“Younger voters are clearly a big piece of it, 68 percent of younger voters under the age of 35 are supportive of same-sex marriage,” said Bernie Porn.

In strong contrast only 49 percent of those over 65 support it and as more and more seniors pass on, that is influencing the polling data, too.

“They’re dying off, yup, and that’s a big piece of the equation.”

Education also plays a role, 46 percent of those with a high school diploma support gay marriage.

But the number jumps to over 56 percent for those with a higher education.

On the religious front, here’s an unexpected twist, more Catholics than Protestants support gay marriage.

‘”Catholics are supportive, notwithstanding the position of the church and the bishops on the issue. Protestants are opposed by a bare majority. Other religions are supportive by 54 percent.

There is also a racial divide as 49 percent of the blacks and 57 percent of the whites support gay marriage.

“African Americans are less supportive but still supportive by 10 points but about 7 points below the statewide average.”

There is a slight gender difference on the issue, as more women than men support the high court ruling on gay marriage.

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