Skubick: Should businesses be able to mandate vaccines for employees?


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan businesses are on a collision course with some House Republicans who want to block the imposing of a COVID-19 vaccine requirement on their employees.

“Many employees are faced with a decision to take a vaccine, continue with their paycheck or to be fired. That is not right.” said State Representative Sue Allor (R).

The pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine proponents faced off over legislation that would block businesses from imposing a mandatory shot policy on its workers.

In a letter, seven chambers of commerce complained that this proposed ban on their flexibility to order the shots is “an over reach of government authority within the operation of private industry.”

“It complete reduces the flexibility that employees have to operate in a way they need to operate to provide a safe work environment for employees and customers”, said Rick Baker, CEO of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce. “If we don’t have its just one more obstacle in the way, it impedes businesses ability to adopt and react to this environment with the pandemic.”

Those who want to remove this power from businesses argue its all about civil liberties.

“Consideration must be given to our civil liberties which are the basic rights and freedoms that is guaranteed to individuals and protection from any arbitrary actions and interference by the government without due process of law.” continued Allor.

Mr. Baker argues that there is a state law that says employers must protect their employees.

“We do. We do. You’re exactly right.” said Baker.

The GOP Committee Chair says she won’t move the bill until there are the votes to do it and at this read, that is in question.

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