Skubick: Snyder signs road repair funding; critics claim money is “insult”


Gov. Rick Snyder signed a measure today to pump $160 million into immediate road repairs but that will fix just over 300 miles of roads in the state.

Surrounded by orange barrels, work zone signs, and gop legislative leaders, and road industry lobbyists

the governor signed a budget of $160 million, which everyone knows doesn’t fix the problem.

Yet he tried to stay positive.

“We’ve made a lot of big investments but is there enough to make a huge difference?,” asked Gov. Snyder. “It’s a good start but we need to do more.”

House Speaker Rep. Tom Leonard added, “I’m very proud of the work we’ve done. A two billion dollar increase from where we were at three years ago.”

      $160 Million Fixes What?

(1) 111 miles state roads

(2) 203 miles local roads

(3) .0026 of 120,000 miles

Senate Democratic leader Sen. Jim Ananich called the money an insult and a band aid.

Democrat Rep. Tom Cochran argues the Republicans didn’t have the guts to raise taxes to fix the problem.

The problem is the people don’t want to take the hard vote.”

He claims the legislature did not have the guts to fix the problem.

The governor reflects the state can only raise new revenue every twenty years.

“We’ve worked hard on this and it was a four year process to get that legislature passed. You have to recognize it happens only about every twenty years when we’re able to get more resources and I thought we did good work.”

It’s a good bet lots of motorists have not reached that same conclusion.  

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