Skubick: State Senate candidate looks back on expensive losing effort

Local News

She spent over $650,000 to win a Lansing-area state Senate seat but came up short.

So what are the reasons behind the loss for Kelly Rossman McKinney? 

She says she gave it her all, including a foot stress fracture for six weeks, falling down twice, including a two-story fall on some stairs and being bitten by a dog.

Reporter: “What’s it like to be bitten by a dog?”

Rossman McKinney: “It was unexpected. Surprising and quite painful.”

Democrat Rossman McKinney was locked in a battle with Republican Rep. Tom Barrett to replace outgoing Senator Rick Jones.

She was told the weekend before the vote she would  likely win. She lost by nine points in another case of the polls getting it wrong.

She reports there were just too many rural conservative voters.

“The Republicans  worked the rural areas and that hurt me and I suspect those were primarily Trump voters,” she explains.

Another factor was he is a veteran and she was not and he called her a lobbyist.

“It was one of the many attacks and there were a substantial amount of attacks,” said Rossman McKinney.  

Dog bite and all, she reflects she would do it again. Or would she?

“I’m truly committed to returning to public service,” she claims.

Does that include elective office again?

“I might and I might not,”  the former candidate answered.

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