LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – 6 News has learned that a proposal to completely eliminate the state income tax is in its final stages and could be released in the next two weeks.

State Senator Jack Brandenburg, the driving force behind the controversial proposal, is ready.

“I have 99 percent of the ducks in a row,” said the senator.

The Republican senator has been on a crusade to wipe out the state income tax and and after he shares the details with the Senate Republican leader he will release how it will do it.

Mr. Brandenburg will have to convince the governor and others that he can wipe out the tax and find a way to replace the $10 billion the tax brings in to pay for state services.

“I can do it. I can do it,” he insists.

But can he do it and still fund schools, public safety, the cities and fix the roads?

“We can eliminate it but there will be sacrifices made along the way,” said Sen. Brandenburg. “And those sacrifices, in my mind, are worth it to say that Michigan no longer has a state income tax.”

The senator is not ready to confirm this but his plan includes a one penny increase in the state sales tax to replace part of the ten billion dollars in lost revenue for state government.

Democratic State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr points out “it’s a regressive tax. We already have a regressive tax system. Working men and women don’t need to pay more for the everyday things that that they do especially if they’re not getting anything for it.”

Senator Brandenburg knows his opponents will attack him. “Sure they will. I’m used to that. No pain. no gain.”