Skubick: Supreme Court ruling on health care could jump start political fighting


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Even though the nation’s highest court has resolved the policy aspects of the president’s health program, the political ramifications remain in play especially on the republican side of the ledger.

Adrian Hemond of Grassroots Midwest was in favor of the ruling, saying “it’s a win for Democrats.” State Representative Peter Lucido, on the opposite side, said “it’s not good for anybody. It’s not good for any of us taxpayers.”

If you think the political debate over health care is over, think again. Conservative republican lawmakers such as Senator Patrick Colbeck are not expected to roll over on their opposition to Obamacare despite the high court ruling. In fact, there are predictions the political back and forth will ratchet up in the upcoming election cycle.

“They are going to flog the Obamacare issue because it plays well with their base,” said Adrian Hemond, Grassroots Midwest. “If you want to win are republican primary, Obamacare is a great issue and they will continue to use it.”

Even though the governor supported the expansion of health care to needy families, he ran into stiff opposition room his own party and one lawmaker predicts the republicans will not take this lying down.

“We can make amendments or we can make bills that would create, I would say confusion, and or put up walls that would go ahead to retool Obamacare,” said State Rep. Peter Lucido (R), Macomb County.

But this democrat counters, there’s a political risk if the republicans goes there.

“If the republicans want to demonize something that is a fundamental security for all of our citizens let them do that. The fact that republicans will continue to waste time and energy on this trying to repeal it is sending the wrong message that they’re doing nothing to help the average Michiganders,” said State Rep. Sam Singh (D), East Lansing.

Bottom line the high court decision has not settled the political fight over getting health care to needy families.

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