LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Though gas prices have come down a bit, the public is still mad.

The catch is that there’s been a dramatic shift in who is getting the blame for high fuel costs.

About a month ago, gas was more than four dollars a gallon in Michigan and even higher in other states.

In a survey, motorists were asked who they blame for the skyrocketing costs.

The first choice for the blame of fuel costs was President Joe Biden as well as his economic policies, with record inflation to go along with the higher gas prices,

For survey participants, Biden was the bad guy, but he now has company.

A whopping 71% of those surveyed in a new ABC poll blame Russian leader Vladimir Putin for fuel costs.

Only 8% of participants believe he and his war in Ukraine are not at fault.

In an earlier survey, motorists placed big oil companies third on the blame list but now by a 65%-22% margin, big oil is second to blame beyond Putin.

Motorists are not giving the president a pass on all this, as 51% still think his policies have produced higher gas prices and 65% disapprove of the way he has handled the crisis, but 20% disagree.

Additionally, there’s a new twist, former President Donald Trump is now showing up in the polls, as 25% believe he had a great or good deal of responsibility for what’s happening at the pump while 74% don’t agree with that.

Despite the complaints about fuel costs, only 21% say this has created a financial hardship while 50% say it has not.

Meanwhile, on the war front, 53% of Americans are willing to send U.S. troops to Europe to help defend NATO countries.

Though a majority support U.S. troop involvement in NATO countries, 55% did not want American soldiers in Ukraine while 17% do.