Skubick: Two tax breaks add up to bad day at the office for Gov. Snyder


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The Michigan Senate has voted two tax breaks for taxpayers over the objections of Gov. Rick Snyder.

The governor had a bad day at the office as two proposals he did not like were overwhelmingly approved in the State Senate.

In a rare move Senate Democrats and Republicans voted to override the governor’s veto of legislation that would give you a tax savings when you buy a car.

The governor says the state can’t afford it.

The Republican chair of the Senate Budget Committee says the governor is wrong.

“I’m confident the tax relief can be accommodated in the growing state budget,” said Sen. David Hildenbrand

Democrats, given a chance to embrace the governor, joined in the override effort.

Sen. Jim Ananich explained “it’s important that Michigan families who can’t afford a new car, get a tax break.”

The Senate voted 37-zip to override the governor.

The governor also opposed boosting the personal income tax exemption from $4,200 to $5,000, but the Senate did it anyway.

“Senate Bill 748 would increase the personal exemption to $5,000 by 2021 while tying that to inflation,” said Sen. Jack Brandenburg. “And it’s a $210 million tax cut for Michigan families.”

That’s about $100 for a family of four.

The veto override and the tax cut now go the House where the Speaker will consider the $5,000 exemption.

But on the veto override of his governor, Republican Speaker Tom Leonard says “I’m all in. I’m ready to do it.”

It was left to the Senate Republican leader to tell the governor about the override.

What did he say?

Sen. Arlan Meekhof said “he didn’t say anything.”

When the governor is upset, that’s what he does.

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