Skubick: What’s Next If Prop 1 Fails?


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Proposal 1 increases the sales tax by 1 percent and gets rid of the gas tax. Instead, it will add a wholesale tax on fuel. State officials say it would generate nearly $2 billion in extra funds for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Around $1.3 billion of that would go to state and local road agencies.

What’s going to happen if Proposal 1 fails? That’s just one question voters are curious about.

Anchor: “What’s going to happen with sales tax versus gas tax money going to roads, schools, so on and so forth, where does that, where does that going to lead us tonight?”

Tim Skubick, 6 News Capitol Correspondent: “We know at this hour that most people found something else to do Tuesday. Unfortunately for the democracy as they expect about 1.5 million people to actually show up, 400,000 of those or so were absentee votes.

Now what’s going on there is that this is a very complex issue and we spoke earlier Tuesday to Bernie Porn, who also identified that the electorate and the governor confirmed this and the people were pushing. Voters confirmed there was anger out there and here’s why the people were angry, not at themselves, not at the governor, but at the legislature.”

“They’re unhappy that the lawmakers didn’t solve it and so they, they to a certain extent they feel that the lawmakers may have punted and asked them to do their jobs for them,” said Bernie Porn, president, EPIC-MRA polling.

Anchor: “Is there any thought as to what’s going to happen next if this, as according to the polls we’ve seen, goes down in defeat?”

Skubick: “Well that’s the absolutely appropriate question and I unfortunately don’t have the answer. Assuming this does go down in defeat, the governor has said quote, “we go back to the drawing board.” So he’s not throwing in the towel. There are a number of proposals that are out there.

Some people want to cut the budget. Some people will want to do what Jase Bolger did, the former speaker of the house. So there’s lots of discussion going on, but how this comes together and how this is resolved is a huge question mark.”

Anchor: “Are you surprised with that it hasn’t been able to get traction and why is some people blame the language of the proposal itself?”

Skubick: “This is clearly complex, there are lots of moving parts and you had to really study it yourself and here’s the interesting thing that we found out. The governor and others confirmed if you give me 15 minutes, I can get your yes vote. The problem is you can’t do a 15 minute commercial. You can’t buy an infomercial to sell this, and so that’s clearly a deterrent and people basically were confused or if it’s too complex, the simple thing is to vote no.”

We’ll know later Tuesday where we stand.

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