LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A major new development tonight in the race for governor, which is not good news for the yet to be announced candidate James Craig. 6 News’ Tim Skubick has an exclusive behind the scenes look of what is happening in the Craig camp.

Everybody knows that Macomb County’s Candice Miller does not want to run for governor,  but what about running for lt. governor with former Detroit Police Chief James Craig?

Supporters of undeclared candidate Craig are calling it a dream ticket to have Miller as his running mate. The only problem is the dream just went poof.

That’s because privately, Miller revealed she does not want the job.

ms. miller has privately told lots of folks she’s content being the county public works commissioner and does not want to be running around all over the state campaigning for lt. governor.

Craig is in no hurry to announce for the job he does want.  He’s trying to hide his lead political consultant, and there is an internal dissension over that.

Former governor John Engler is advising the chief not to hire long time west Michigan consultant John Yob.

But, the state party chair Ron Weiser is telling the chief that Yob would be a good choice.

Former Governor Rick Snyder and his right hand man Rich Baird are also talking with Craig, and so is former GOP candidate for governor Dick Devos, and former house GOP speaker Jase Bolger.

And former House GOP Speaker Lee Chatfield, but the Craig camp has another problem…

Mr. Craig might have competition for the nomination from Oakland county car dealership owner, 39 year old Kevin Rinke and multi millionaire business owner Perry Johnson from Troy.

As for Whitmer:

“I’m not in any position of giving anybody who may or may not run for governor advice. I think the Republican primary voters will make the decision in 14 months from now, and we’ll see who that person is.”

We’ll see.