LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – One of the most expensive races this year was in Michigan’s 7th congressional district.

Elissa Slotkin earned a close victory over Tom Barrett. She was at her headquarters in East Lansing Wednesday afternoon, talking about the race and how she plans to move forward.

“I was texting people and saying like, look I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but I know in Michigan we are going to be a bright spot tomorrow. I knew it, I could feel it,” Slotkin said.

Many expected a close race for Michigan’s newly drawn 7th district. And it was.

With more than 95% of the vote in Slotkin took a 51 to 47% lead on Barrett, even though she trailed for most of the night.

More than $35 million was spent on the campaigns.

“Our margin is going to be over five percentage points, so more than 20,000 votes. That’s the biggest margin of victory we’ve ever had,” Slotkin said.

She’s locked down her third two-year term in congress.

Now, everyone wants to know which party will control the US House.

“We are literally waiting with bated breath to know which side the House is going to go,” said Slotkin.

Slotkin said she “lost better” in areas where Democrats had trouble in the past, and was able to encroach on Barrett’s home turf, winning Eaton County by two percentage points.

“This is tough turf for a Democrat, and that means there is no way to win this race without building a very broad coalition of Democrats, independents, and Republicans,” said Slotkin.

The Congresswoman said she received a call from Barrett at around 3:00 in the morning, to concede, and congratulate her on the win.

“It was a tough race for both of us, and I appreciated that he called, and I thanked him for that. I said y’know I’m sure we are going to see each other in the coming weeks and months in the Lansing area… It was very respectful,” said Slotkin.