LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s Cyber Monday meaning shoppers can buy gifts with the press of a button.

Small businesses are looking to gain the upper hand in the fight for customers against retail giants.

The main message for business owners is you don’t compare where you don’t compete.

In Old Town, dozens of small businesses are filled with owners ready to help customers out.

“It’s my dream come to life and it’s all thanks to the community’s support, so yeah, it’s truly a blessing,” said Lynn Ross, the owner of Mom and Earth Baby Boutique.

Ross said consumers are able to find whatever they’re looking for in the palm of their hand. But she reminds people that easier isn’t always better.

“We just hope that, you know, when there’s a product that we carry or other local businesses carry, people make an effort to try and seek that out,” Ross said.

Officials with the Michigan Retailers Association are urging everyone to shop locally.

“It’s really hard to hear that our retailers are struggling with competition and the only way to really change that is for folks to go down to Main St. in your community, in your hometown, and spend your money right in your community,” said Andrew Bitely, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

She added that there are many things that small, neighborhood shops can do to get customers, which includes options when it comes to shipping.

“More and more small businesses during the pandemic changed their business model and they went from being just a storefront, to now a storefront plus a pretty big shipping operation,” Bitely continued.

At the end of the day, Ross said there is something small businesses have that isn’t online.

“Amazing, in-person, customer support and knowledge of the product and just giving that personalized service that they’re not going to receive online,” Ross said.