Snow plows gear up for the winter weather


CLINTON CO., Mich (WLNS) – As the winter weather approaches, workers at the Clinton County Road Commission are loading the trucks up with salt, preparing to keep you safe this weekend.

“We just want to make sure that we get people where they want to go and back home,” says Road Commissioner, Joe Pulver.

Between 33 drivers and 1,200 miles of road, Clinton County is hoping to get ahead of the snow and ice this season.

According to Pulver, the trucks are loaded and ready to roll out any minute.

“It takes time, ya know, it can take up to three days to clear the total road systems. So people have to be patient,” says Pulver.

Those “total road systems” start with state highways, and then expand to main roads, intersections, and subdivisions.

Pulver wants to make sure everyone is ready for the cold weather.

“Take your time, we’ll all get through it together, it’s Michigan, we’ve done it time and time again and we’ll keep repeating it again, so it’s the same old story,” says Pulver.

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