Snow, traffic slows Thanksgiving return traffic


DEWITT, Mich. (WLNS) – Holiday travelers are filling the roadways and airways with a little more snow on the roads than when they originally left.

“We left about 9 and the roads were real bad in Traverse City. In Traverse City, there was a lot of lake effect snow up there,” said driver Tom Beattey. “131 was bad, traffic was slow but as soon as we got on 115 it was free sailing,” he said.

Drivers like Beattey are driving through the aftermath of yesterday’s heavy snowfall that lead to dozens of slide offs and crashes around mid-Michigan.

“We saw two cars in the ditch in different places. One in the UP and in the lower,” said Doug Leveille, who was coming back from the upper peninsula.

He said it was a white knuckle drive on northern roads.

“They were horrible. No salt trucks, nothing was plowed, we were basically making our own tracks,” said Judie Leveillie.

But other drivers said there were no issues.

“We were commenting to my wife that traffic was nice and easy and not a problem at all,” said Chuck Gray.

with winter weather here to stay, Pamala Moore said she hopes this weekend reminds drivers to take it slow.

“They’re going too fast, that’s my opinion. They were doing 65, 70 on secondary roads where they have not been plowed yet or salted,” she said.

And some hope their next trip is a little warmer.

“As soon as we get home, we’re heading south,” said Moore.

During yesterday’s snowstorm, Eaton County dispatch handled 58 calls related to slide-off and car crashes. Jackson County Dispatch had more than 50 calls about car crashes and 25 calls for help from drivers.

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