LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Governor Gretchen Whitmer has formed a statewide committee dedicated to giving her recommendations on how to safely get more people back to working in-person.

But some Michiganders are saying they actually want to work from home.

Dawn Adkins is one of those people.

She’s been working from home for almost one year now. In the beginning she was not a fan.

“It was a little hard figuring out,” Dawn said.

She’s a Program Assistant at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Dawn said in the past, she had the wrong impression about working from home.

“I always thought that it was techy nerds that stayed home and worked on their computers,” Dawn said.

But, to her surprise, she said it’s more than she could’ve ever dreamed.

While some are waiting to get the all-clear to work in-person, Dawn and her coworkers are wishing for the opposite.

“We just wait in the wings and hope that we’ll all just still be home,” Dawn said.

But, even with some hoping to stay home, there’s an initiative from the State to try and get people back into the office.

“This is a workgroup that the governor has formed,” Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said.

Mayor Schor is a part of Governor Whitmer’s committee to get more Michiganders back into office spaces.

“She wants all of us to talk about the different pieces and the important pieces of returning people to work safely,” Mayor Schor said.

He said the sooner we get people back in offices, the better.

“Every one person that is back in in-person is someone that they may be paying for parking. They may be eating lunch,” Mayor Schor said.

Dawn said she understands businesses are hurting.

“They have lost a lot of revenue from us not being down there,” Dawn said.

But, she thinks there are more benefits to working from home.

One of her favorite parts? That her work commute is only a couple of steps.

“Clock out at four-thirty and it takes me like ten seconds to get home. I’m like ‘Honey, I’m, home!” Dawn said.