Some say replacing Simon should be someone with no connection to MSU


The decision of who will replace Lou Anna Simon is a hot topic, but many are speaking out on whether the new leader should have ties to Michigan and/or MSU, or if it would be best to find a fresh face and point of view.

Many names have been floated around, most of them local or state elected officials with a connection to Michigan State University. Some say that’s a bad idea because the only way to fully move forward from this tragedy is to get someone that can provide a new perspective and sense of accountability both on-campus and beyond.

“There are people that are inside the institution that I think can do this job,” said House Democratic Leader Sam Singh of East Lansing. “At the same point in time, it might be better for the board to look at somebody from the outside and coming in with a fresh perspective.”

“I think this is a moment to acknowledge that not only do we need someone to say that they are going to listen, but tell us how they are going to improve the current climate and what needs to change,” said ASAMU President Lorenzo Santavicca. “We also need someone to think for the next set of years going forward because this person will ultimately be there for quite some time.”

According to the MSU Board of Trustees, they will be working through the details of the transition with Lou Anna Simon through the rest of the week. There has not been a time-table provided for when we could see an interim president get announced.

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