Son of man killed in Ionia Co. speaks out

IONIA COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) - The son of a man shot and killed in Ionia County Tuesday night is talking about his father tonight. 

Police say that 40-year-old Justin Eddy of Lansing was shot to death after entering someone's house. The homeowner says it was self defense.

Now Eddy’s son says he wants to clear up his father's image.

Eddy's son, Branden, says he just wants to know what actually happened that night. Police say Eddy went inside a random home in Ionia County and told the homeowner he was being chased by someone who wanted to kill him.

The homeowner then grabbed his gun, called 911, and went outside to look for who was chasing Eddy, but found nothing.

While waiting for police to come, the homeowner asked Eddy to wait in his driveway, but officials say that Eddy then attacked the homeowner who then shot and killed him before police got there.

They think drugs and alcohol may be a factor, but Eddy's son Branden says even though his father did have issues, he was still a loving and caring guy.

“I just wish there was just more I could've done to help because I haven't. I was always too scared to say something, but now I wish I could've,” said Branden Eddy. “He was a great father and my mom just loved him so much, kids, family, friends, we all just cared about him so much and we wish that he was just here with us right now to help us understand why he did what he did.”

The Ionia County Prosecutor's Office is investigating the case. Officials say there is no known connection between Eddy and the homeowner and they don't know why Eddy was in the area.

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