LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A development proposal aiming to revitalize the property that encompasses a closed neighborhood school is expected to be an anchor for the community and economic redevelopment to south Lansing.

“This is a neighborhood of focus, its somewhere we specifically put resources in order to help the business and the neighbors,” said Lansing Mayor Andy Schor. “Now in that corner, which has been blighted for quite some time since the school closed, now we’ll see this incredible new rebirth and growth.”

City officials said that a new development plan would take the vacant school at the intersection of Pleasant Grove and West Holmes and turn it into a mixed-use property, one housing two stories of commercial space and the other with 30 apartments.

City council president Adam Hussian said the plan checked all the boxes of the requests of area residents. If approved, officials said the buildings will include health and financial services for the area and housing. One man said he supports the plan and hopes it brings a new wave of growth.

“I would like it if it would bring the south side back up to where we’re suppose to be,” said resident, Bryan Young. “I lived here all my life and I like Lansing,” he said.

While other nearby neighbors said they rather see existing buildings renovated and used, others remain positive with the development. For resident Corey Ware, regardless of if the project is approved, growing south Lansing will be a community effort.

“If it’s a school or a hospital, it don’t really matter unless we better our community, that’s what’s really about,” he said.

The project will now go before a city committee for discussion before moving to a final city council vote.
If approved, demolition would start this summer with a completion date of 2024.