JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Residents from the south side of Jackson gathered today to promote the end of gun violence.

Southside Summer Fest: Heal the Hood was organized to help put an end to incidents of gun violence in Jackson.

The event featured a positive vibe and barbecued food. People filled the streets to enjoy the event’s fresh food and live music.

Organizer Hakim Crampton said the event was all about working to leave a better world for future generations.

“Many from my generation – we were sent to prison. Some of us were sent to an early death. So, coming back to my community, I felt an obligation to create something that would sustain and help give children a better hope than I had when I was a kid,” Crampton said.

Crampton said he’s tired of gun violence in the streets of Jackson. The right way to make a change, according to Crampton, is to create the “right culture” on the south side.

“Our goal is to build a community cultural tradition, something our community can continue to have to latch on to; to feed themselves. You know, the good spirits of hope and joy in the community,” Crampton said.

Among the food trucks and local vendors were people who experience loss to gun violence.

“I’m a gun violence survivor. Last year, my granddaughter she was murdered here in Jackson. Sha’Nya Coleman, 18 years old. Her fight is within me. We have to have justice, and we have to put down the guns,” said Daveda Quinn, organizer for Moms Demand Change of Jackson.

Organizers of Southside Summer Fest: Heal the Hood also plan to host a Black business expo next month.