LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The emergency room is normally a pretty busy place, but Sparrow’s has been busier than usual.

Officials say more and more patients are coming in for non-life-threatening injuries and it’s pushing wait times to the limit.

Sparrow Officials say some patients have even waited up to 48 hours to receive care, so they are hoping to get the word out.

Instead of going to the E.R. for a sore throat, fever, or any other minor issue, officials say there are other options.

Amy Brown, Chief Nursing Officer at Sparrow says each patient who comes in is taken care of, but the number of people going to the ER has increased so much that she’s seen a few patients lay on stretchers in hallways waiting to be seen by a doctor for hours and hours.

Brown says staff shortages have even forced the hospital to reduce the number of available beds. She’s urging people only to go to the emergency room for actual emergencies.

“Start with something that makes sense to you. If you can get into Urgent Care or fast care, obviously if it’s life-threatening, you do want to seek out an emergency department. Also knowing that when you get to one of those other sites of care, if you do need that higher level of care, they will transfer you to make sure you get what you need,” Brown said.

To view a list of Sparrow Urgent Care and fast care facilities, check out the PDF below.