LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Professional Employee Council of Sparrow Hospital and the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA), the union that represents 2,300 Sparrow employees, have approved a new three-year contract, according to both Sparrow Hospital and the union.

Voting on the contract took place on Thursday and Friday.

“We are pleased to have secured a new long-term contract covering our hardworking and dedicated caregivers,” said Amy Brown, Sparrow Hospital Chief Nursing Officer. “We are grateful to all of our caregivers for continuing to put our patients and the community first by delivering outstanding care during these unprecedented times.

“We are so proud of what we have accomplished for our patients and our community,” Karen Hunsaker, RN, and a member of the PECSH-MNA bargaining team said in a press release. “We believe that this contract will help us provide the highest quality of care.”

The two groups have been negotiating since July 28. The previous contract expired at the end of October.

The new terms include: (via a Sparrow Press Release.)

  • Continuing to provide Sparrow Hospital caregivers with above-market pay.
  • Providing Sparrow caregivers with some of the best healthcare benefits in Michigan.
  • Maintaining Sparrow’s staffing guidelines, which are already in line with or better than other Michigan hospitals, helping ensure our patients receive the best possible care.
  • Continuing to focus on the safety of our caregivers as a priority.

“This contract makes both caregivers and patients safer,” said Tammy Parsons, RN, and treasurer of PECSH-MNA in a press release. “We are proud to lead on this issue and hope that this contract will help pave the way for other hospitals in the state to make similar commitments to caregivers and to the community. The pandemic has been here for almost two years now. Safe staffing and proper PPE need to be treated as an essential requirement, not an optional luxury.”

“We will build on the momentum that began prior to these negotiations to recruit and retain top talent across our units; continue supplying our caregivers with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep them safe; offer competitive wages and benefits; and implement attendance and staffing policies to ensure our caregivers and patients receive the support they deserve,” Sparrow said in a press release.