LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)- It was a hard experience when Ukraine citizens were forced to evacuate their homes when Russia invaded last year.

Natalia Levitska is one of many that were affected by the conflict.

“I just looked out my windows and I saw explosions,” she said.

She uprooted her daughter Polina last May for a new, safer life in London. Her husband stayed behind in Kyiv to help the war effort.

“Not being together, it’s very difficult because I need to make a lot of decisions by myself,” said Levitska.

While they left the war, the war never left Polina

The 6-year-old felt anxious in her new home until her mom found out about a phone app.

Designed by child psychotherapist Louis Weinstock, the game is known as “Apart of Me.” It follows a young girl trapped in an enchanted forest.

“The idea of a child being trapped in a tree is perhaps obviously also a metaphor for what can happen when we experience trauma that we can feel isolated, frozen in different ways,” said Weinstock.

“The game is really relaxed, and every time we get new charms,” said Polina.

Weinstock now wants to get the game to more kids stuck inside Ukraine.

“There was an overwhelming need for some kind of digital mental health support, specifically focused on helping children and parents through the trauma of the war,” said Weinstock.

Natalia is working to translate the app, hoping the power of play can help Ukrainian children through a dark period.