Spring Arbor, Mich. — Spring Arbor University (SAU) will offer Coronavirus testing in Jackson, Michigan for SAU students and employees as they begin to return to campus.

SAU will offer their employees and students two tests, including the FDA-approved Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Immunoglobulin (IgG) Antibody tests. The PCR test has an estimated 99 percent accuracy in detecting whether the virus is currently present, and the IgG test has an estimated accuracy greater than 90 percent, which is the nationwide accuracy used in detecting whether the virus has ever been present and the body has produced antibodies against it.

SAU is committed to the health and safety of our employees and has developed a phased approach to bring employees back on campus for in-person operations. SAU employees will be tested the Wednesday prior to their return to work, utilizing Garcia testing kits. The kits will be sent to Garcia labs that same day, and the university and employees will receive results within 24 hours. SAU employees will complete a daily health screening prior to reporting for work.

SAU will provide testing for current and incoming students immediately before the start of the fall semester. SAU students will resume face-to-face instruction for the fall semester, which is scheduled to commence in late August.

“Our partnership with Garcia Laboratory provides us with an incredible opportunity to care for our SAU community. Garcia’s COVID-19 testing initiative will allow for our students and employees to resume face-to-face operations with confidence,” says SAU President Dr. Brent Ellis.