St. Casimir Church looking for answers after vandalism


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Members of St. Casimir Church in Lansing work up this morning, to hear devastating news.

Vandals damaged a house that was just recently all set up and ready to become a home for a refugee family.

Broken glass, fire extinguisher chemicals, and dishes that need to be re-washed.

That’s what Father Bill Lugger walked into this morning after reports of a break in near St. Casimir Church.

“It just brings me great sadness, because so many people have worked on the house to clean and prepare, and we’ve had so many donations of furniture, and blankets and pillows, and everything like that. It’s just very sad to me to think that people would actually do that,” said Father Lugger.

The house was just set up to welcome a new refugee family to town.

“It was all ready to set up yesterday, we cleaned the house, new mattresses, new furniture, and somebody, kids or whatever, broke in last night, opened up a fire extinguisher, and covered the whole house with fire extinguisher dust,” Father Lugger explained.

After calling police, Father Lugger started reaching out to members of his congregation, and some came out right away to help.

“We’re just picking up a lot of the utensils and dishes that just have fire extinguisher dust all over them. We’re going to take them home and clean them and bring them back on Monday,” said Charlie Creamer, member at St. Casimir’s Church.

But even though this is a major set back for the church’s plan, come to be known as “The Little House Project,” by working together, they say this house will be ready for the family as scheduled in December.

According to Creamer, he says, “there’s been dozens of people out here for the last 24 hours, which is really kind of neat to bring people together.”

If you know anything about the vandalism of that house, call the Lansing Police Department, or Crimestoppers (517) 483-STOP.

And if you would like to help the parish, give them a call at (517) 482-1346.

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