St. Johns High School welcomes thousands at outdoor graduation ceremony


ST. JOHNS, Mich. (WLNS)– On Friday night, thousands of people came to St. Johns High School to celebrate the class of 2021 as they turned their tassles.

Families filled the bleachers and students filled the football field as the ceremony looked like a normal celebration after a not-so-normal year.

“It’s great to finally get out without restrictions and enjoy life again,” said Rick Cataline, who came to watch his grandson graduate. “I think that it’s really nice, we have had our shots and so we’re really comfortable being out where we weren’t before,” said Karen Cataline.

Anna Thornburgh is a sophomore at St. Johns High School and came to see her older brother walk across the stage and says she wasn’t going to be able to come if the outdoor capacity limits weren’t lifted. Before June 1st, each graduate was only allowed to bring four family members but now…”everyone get’s to come, we’re bring like 20 people,” said Thornburgh.

From online Zoom classes, to masks and long hours on the computer, senior Aliviya Coe, says this is the perfect ending to a hectic school year.

“We actually like get to have the experience that we always saw in movies and everything and we get to be able to feel like we’re actually seniors and we’re graduating and ending the year and everything we’ve worked hard for and everything we’ve overcome and it’s just a great ending to a very hard year,” said graduating senior, Aliviya Coe.

St. Johns High School principal, Mark Horak, says despite the hardships this year brought, there was still a 97.4 percent graduation rate for the class of 2021.

Lansing Schools and Okemos High School will also be holding their graduation ceremonies on Sunday outside and in-person.

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