LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — St. Johns has received more than $1 million in grant money that will help with public projects like a playground that is accessible to children with disabilities.

A grant of nearly $700K from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will help create a playground at St. Johns City Park that is designed to accommodate children of all abilities.

The $694,400 Spark Grant will help replace the current wooden play structure at the park with the universally accessible park, as part of the Fantasy Forest renovation project.

Briggs District Library in St. Johns has received a Public Space Place-Based Infrastructure Award of $550,000 from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, which will go to help modernize the facility.

“Though the library hasn’t been run by the city since it became a district library in 2016, we realize its incredible importance to St. Johns residents,” said City Manager Chad Gamble.

St. Johns will also purchase a portion of the Rodney B. Wilson Center, which was once the local high school and junior high, from Dymaxion Development. The city will now own the Wilson Center’s gymnasium, auditorium and additional space for a community room and kitchen/concession area.

“These spaces have many uses, including community sports programs, theatrical and musical performances, and private events. In addition, we have a unique opportunity to preserve one of the City’s most treasured historical landmarks,” said City Commissioner Jean Ruestman.