EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On Thursday, MSU President Samuel L Stanley announced he was resigning from his position through an online video. The news sparked mixed reactions throughout campus. The Board of Trustees released a statement appreciating Stanley for his service to the university.

“The MSU Board of Trustees appreciates President Stanley’s service over the past three years. President Stanley arrived at a difficult time and provided steady leadership to guide us forward while the entire world was experiencing severe disruption and uncertainty. The Board of Trustees will work cooperatively with President Stanley during this transition and more details will be shared with the campus community as information is available.”

MSU Board of Trustees

The Association of Students of Michigan State University shared its own statement with 6 News. Student leaders said they were upset about the resignation but say that they understand president Stanley’s decision to leave the university.

“The Associated Students of Michigan State University are extremely dispirited by the resignation of President Stanley. As Stanley stated in his resignation, ASMSU recently passed a vote of no-confidence in the Board of Trustees. Following this was a vote of no-confidence in the board from the Faculty Senate, and now President Stanley has repeated the same sentiment. ASMSU is disappointed and frustrated by the continued lack of transparency and accountability from this board, and while we are saddened by his departure, we understand and support his actions….”

Associated Students of Michigan State University

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Many students said they were surprised by the announcement and are still unsure about the Board’s involvement in Stanley’s decision.

“I don’t exactly know the circumstances but it’s my impression that a lot of sketching things have been going on I’m not too happy about in terms of the Board of Trustees,” said senior Alex Hull.

“I heard the rumors and stuff but I didn’t know he would resign but it was kind of sad to watch that video,” said Cal Ferris, another MSU senior.

Younger students said they unaware of the ongoing saga involving trustees and the president.

“People have not said much anything about it I maybe heard one or two people who are sophomores or Junior who have had more involvement because they have been on campus but when it comes to freshman dorms, I have heard about nothing,” said freshman Evan Lockridge.

In his letter of resignation, Stanley said he was serving the notice of termination “ without a good reason effective January 11, 2023”. He added that he would fulfill his duties as president and help with the transition during the next 90 days. The letter can be read here.