Disgraced and imprisoned former Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar’s medical license has been revoked, according to the Attorney General’s office.

The state Board of Osteopathic Medicine today permanently revoked Nassar’s medical license and hit the former doctor with a $1 million fine.

Nassar, who was sentenced to decades in prison after pleading guilty to criminal sexual conduct and federal child pornography charges, had his license temporarily revoked in January 2017.

In a statement a spokesperson for the Attorney General admitted that Nassar would likely never pay the fine but felt that the message sent by setting the fine was justified.

Before he was convicted Nassar was a sports medicine doctor renowned in the gymnastics community.

He treated Olympic and national team members, Michigan State University gymnastic team and local athletes.

In court it was learned that Nassar treated, and abused, patients at his MSU office and his home.

Two years ago victims began publicaly accusing Nassar of sexually abusing them during medical appointments.

He admitted guilt on federal child pornography charges and criminal sexual conduct in two counties.