UPDATE: State health officials confirm 2,294 cases, 43 deaths in Michigan


Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) — The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed 2,294 cases of COVID-19 in the state of Michigan with 43 deaths.

The case count was updated a second time this evening and corrected to 2,294 cases. The case count for Sanilac County was reduced by 1 as it was determined the case was double-counted when reported to the Michigan Disease Surveillance System. 

In Michigan, the counties with the most individual cases are:

  1. Wayne County (1,122 cases, 21 deaths)
  2. Oakland County (543 cases, 10 deaths)
  3. Macomb County (281 cases, 7 deaths)
  4. Washtenaw County (72 cases, 3 deaths)
  5. Genesee County (46 cases, 0 deaths)

The counties with the most cases per 100,000 people are:

  1. Wayne County: 83.7 cases per 100,000
  2. Oakland County: 43.4 cases per 100,000
  3. Macomb County: 32.42 cases per 100,000
  4. Ostego County: 24.6 cases per 100,000
  5. Washtenaw County: 19.7 cases per 100,000

Wayne County is the most populous county in the state of Michigan. The city of Detroit has become the main site of COVID-19 positive cases and deaths where there are 705 cases and 12 deaths.

The city of Detroit alone has more coronavirus cases than any other county as a whole in Michigan, accounting for 30 percent of all of the state’s positive COVID-19 cases.

In the past two weeks, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed a series of executive orders asking the public to maintain social distancing and close down non-essential businesses. Select restaurants are still take-out only, and you can find the list of local Lansing eateries open for carry-out by clicking this link here.

Across the state, grocery stores such as Meijer and Kroger have adjusted their hours of operation to accommodate seniors in the first hour of shopping on select days. These stores have also pushed their closing times to earlier hours to allow for restocking and disinfecting throughout the stores.

On Monday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced executive order, “Stay Home, Stay Safe,” directing all Michigan businesses and operations to temporarily suspend in-person operations that are not necessary to sustain or protect life.

The order also directs Michigan residents to stay in their homes unless they’re a part of that critical infrastructure workforce, engaged in an outdoor activity, or performing tasks necessary to the health and safety of themselves or their family, like going to the hospital or grocery store. 

If businesses are found to be in violation of the executive order by asking non-essential employees to report to work, they could be found guilty of a misdemeanor of $500 and or up to 90 days in jail. If you need to report a compliance complaint regarding the “Stay Home Stay Safe” executive order, you should contact your local government, not the attorney general’s office.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has sent many workers home, it has also moved college courses at Michigan universities online. Some students moved out of dorms and back home to complete the rest of their semesters online while some stayed in their dorms if they did not have the option to travel back home. In East Lansing, Michigan State University said it would offer a $1,200 refund to students who could not leave their dorm rooms.

In the U.S., cases totals are rising upwards of 54,000 with 737 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control data.

The state of New York has the most cases, where there are more than 21,000. The state makes up nearly half of the entire case count in the United States.

About half of the nation’s governors have declared statewide lockdown to enforce social distancing and work-from-home operations. None of the states have prohibited residents from going outdoors, but some states have more strict measures in place, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom, who made it a crime to socialize outside of one’s own home.

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