State-of-the-art lab about to take MSU to the next level


A new state-of-the-art digital scholarship lab, located on the second floor of the main MSU library, opens next week that’ll take students anywhere they want to go.

Christopher Long, Dean of MSU’s College of Arts and Letters says, the newly renovated space offers three amazing sections for learning. The first piece is called a 360-room, an immersive visualization lab that holds 15 people comfortably and can take MSU faculty and students to any place in the world. The second piece is a workshop with high speed computers, 3D scanners and printers. The third addition to the lab is a virtual reality room to truly take teaching on-campus to the next level.

“Now we’re bringing this into a digital age,” says Long. “We’re recognizing that you really need all sorts of other skills to bring to bare on these core values so you best figure out how to make a big difference in the world.”

MSU officials say this is the first university in America to have this collection of technology for teaching. The number of topics that can be taught is limitless too, ranging from archeology to 3D gaming, with students already requesting to use the lab to graduate.

“Some of the students have already said that they want to do their final project in this room,” says Terri Miller, MSU assistant Director for Public Services. “In May they will be here presenting their final project in this space.”

The digital lab officially opens on Monday, February 5. MSU leaders say it’ll no doubt enrich and enhance the educational experience from day 1.

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