State park draws in hundreds during holiday weekend


LAINGSBURG, Mich. (WLNS) – In the midst of Labor Day, travelers often head on vacation and this holiday weekend people headed to campgrounds.

The question is…how do park rangers at Sleepy Hollow State Park prepare for the hundreds of campers?

Holiday weekends is something Sleepy Hollow thrives on, in fact of the 181 campsites available for campers, every single one is booked this Labor Day weekend.

And it’s not just this holiday weekend park rangers look forward to, campers are excited for a get-a-way as well.

From toasty campfires, to grilling out…Sleepy Hollow State Park is filled with RV’s and tents this Labor Day weekend.

“It’s a super busy weekend at the park,” Summer park ranger McKenna Kissee said.

“You know we have kids running everywhere, we have just everyone trying to relax and have a good weekend,” said Kissee.

She says Sleepy Hollow starts booking up at least two to three months in advance bringing hundreds of people to the campsites.

“We’re still getting the calls ‘are you guys, do you have any openings’ but we haven’t had any openings for at least 3 weeks,” Kissee stated.

For camper Paul Wiley, camping is a way for him and his family to escape from reality.

“We go camping about once a year with our in-laws and we just love to come out, it’s more of a family thing just being able to spend that time together and relax and kind of get away from the hustle and bustle of life,” said Camper Paul Wiley.

Even campsite neighbor Lou Farkas agrees.

“We usually go camping every holiday during the summer of Memorial, fourth of July and Labor Day. It’s the one time that we get to see everybody,” Camper Lou Farkas stated.

But it’s not just the holiday weekends that stock up quickly at the state park, Sleepy Hollow is pretty packed throughout the entire summer.

“Even if it’s raining or it’s beautiful out we have tons and tons of people that are always wanting to come camping,” said Kissee.

“We’ve come here the last two years and we love it, it’s a good location it’s about an hour and 15 minutes from us so it’s not a long drive,” Wiley stated.

And to park rangers like Kissee, it’s seeing the bright, smiling faces that makes her job so rewarding.

“We like having all the kids around, we like having tons of people in the campground you know everyone’s pretty happy to come camping so it just boosts the happiness here at the park,” said Kissee.

Campsites are $20 per night at Sleepy Hollow State Park.

If your license plate is registered in Michigan, it costs $11 to purchase a recreational passport. You can purchase those at Secretary of State and at your state parks. If you purchase them at Secretary of State, it will show up on your registration and that will be placed on your license plate.

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