Statewide poll: Michigan voters agree MSU Board of Trustees should resign


 In a recent statewide poll organized by “Marketing Resource Group (MRG), many Michigan voters agree that the Michigan State University Board of Trustees should step down after their handling of the Larry Nassar abuse scandal.

It’s important to mention that students, faculty and people across many communities feel strongly about the MSU board.

Many say they want the board to be transparent after the way they handled the Nassar scandal and many who responded to this most recent poll agree.

Overall, 49% of Michigan voters think that’s the best option, whereas just 27% feel the trustees should “stay and make the situation right.”

24% have no opinion or are undecided.

What’s interesting is Democrats and Republicans gave similar responses.

53% of Dems and 45% of Republicans agreed that the board should resign.

“In every geographical area in the state almost all the demographics all agree. It’s not a partisan issue, it’s not even a difference between male and female respondents here they’re almost exactly the same,” said Tom Shields; President of MRG.

Take a look at these numbers:

41% of people in Detroit, 51% in Mid-Michigan and 62% in the Capital area agree the entire board should step down, but in the Upper Peninsula that number is significantly lower at 17%.

“It’s a small sample size and so the margin of error is huge up there but most of those people are just undecided and it’s probably they haven’t necessarily paid as much attention in the Upper Peninsula to this issue,” Shields stated.

As far as what is likely to happen next…

“It doesn’t appear the board necessarily is going to take the voters’ advice here and resign their seats…they seem to be dug in and want to try to fix this problem,” said Shields.

This poll was drawn during the week of March 13th-17th with a margin of error of 4%.

**Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the poll organizers as Marketing Research Group. It has been corrected to show their name is Marketing Resource Group.

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