Statewide tornado drill designed to get you prepared for severe weather


More than 90 tornado sirens will start blaring across Ingham and Eaton counties Wednesday afternoon, with a goal to get area residents ready for severe weather.

The statewide voluntary tornado drill will start at 1 p.m., that’ll also include alerts being broadcast on television and radio stations, plus, on weather radio’s too. The whole point of the tornado drill is to provide people a clear signal to practice their own safety plan.

Tornadoes can develop quickly and are common during the late spring and early summer months. Local emergency managers say, knowing where to immediately take cover and to have this plan understood by everyone in the house, is critical.

Safety experts say most times the safest spot inside a house is downstairs and away from windows or glass. A closet, bathroom or interior hall without windows is the safest spot if you live in an apartment.

Lansing hazard mitigation specialist Ronda Oberlin says, never underestimate the power of mother nature.

“People really need to understand that even if it’s not a huge tornado that’s going to flatten your house, a tornado can still come and damage your roof or break glass or do other things to cause hard to your family if they are not sheltered, so we want people to take even a small tornado seriously.”

Tornado sirens are part of an outdoor warning system, so don’t be alarmed if you can barely hear them while inside your house, but you should report to city or county emergency officials if you don’t hear a tornado siren during the drill.

Since 1950, there have been more than 1000 confirmed tornadoes in Michigan, with nine confirmed in our state last year.

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