LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It is the season for gift cards, as spending on them is expected to top $28 billion this year.

ABC’s Becky Worley has the details on how to save on buying gift cards.

You shopped, you searched, you still can’t find the right present- so now is the time to buy a gift card.

“Gift cards for the 15th consecutive year in a row are the most popular gift to receive, so that’s the number one thing that people ask for,” said Jill Gonzalez of WalletHub.

The good news is, you don’t have to pay the full value if you shop smart.

In many cases, gift cards can be purchased at a discount ranging between 2 and `20%.

The best deals usually come from big retailers, often in the form of something called a GOGO- Give One Get One.

At Amazon, for first-time gift card buyers, you can buy a $50 card and get an additional $10 free credit.
Meanwhile, at Barnes and Noble, you can buy one for $50 and you get a free $5 e-gift card.

“Also, if you are using a cashback or a rewards credit card, then this time of year they often offer about 20 percent off when you are redeeming your points for a gift card,” continued Gonzalez.

Then there are the straight discounts- at Costco, you can purchase a $100 Roblox gift card for 89 bucks and at Sam’s Club, you can buy a $50 Build-A-Bear Workshop card for just $37.50.

“Another way to save on gift cards is to buy them from a reseller who discounts the original price of the card,” said Worley.

Some examples of sites that sell gift cards for cheap include Raise, CardCash, and GiftDeals.

“Of the 9 gift cards that I purchased, all nine of them had the balance that they promised to have on them,” continued Worley.

While these sites have reviews saying they provide support, if there is a problem with the card, experts advise the following to avoid fraud.

Be sure to research the company you’re buying from, as some smaller sites may actually be trying to steal your personal information.

Lastly, go ahead and check the companies’ terms of use and refund policies.