Still no deal on COVID-19 relief package


There is still no deal on a new COVID-19 relief package.

There are also no formal negotiations between the White House and Congressional leaders planned for today.

Pres. Trump could be preparing to take action on his own after negotiations with Congress on a new relief package stalled late last night.
“The president’s first choice is to do a deal, we’ve said that. If we conclude tomorrow that there’s not a compromised position on the major issues the president has alternatives and executive orders,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

The President said he has executive orders ready to go to address evictions, unemployment insurance and student loans.

“Certainly there are limitations with what we can do from an executive order point of view but we will be as aggressive and robust as we possibly can be,” Mark Meadows/White House Chief of Staff said.

“Well the president may go ahead and do his executive order, but even they admitted that would leave out millions and millions of people,” Sen. Chuck Schumer/(D-NY) Minority Leader said.

The bill’s overall price tag remains the biggest sticking point. The White House started at a trillion dollars with Democrats wanting a $3.4 trillion dollar package.

“We asked them would you meet us in the middle? But they said no. They said it has to be mostly in our direction, that they’re unwilling to meet in the middle,” Sen. Chuck Schumer/(D-NY) Minority Leader said.

More than 30 million Americans are out of work and many say they don’t know how they will make ends meet without the extra federal spending on unemployment.

The small business paycheck protection program, which is designed to keep employees on the payroll, is set to expire on Saturday.

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