DEWITT, Mich. (WLNS) – A local store raised money to help an 8-year-old girl with travel costs to North Carolina for cancer treatment.

Twisted Craft Cocktails held the fundraiser called “Love For Lily” on Saturday and Sunday. The store donated $10 to Lily’s family for every jar purchased.

The store owner said that her business started with doing fundraisers for Lily.

“We started doing cocktail jars,” Nicolette Skerrat, the owner of Twisted Craft Cocktails, said. “I saw a variation of it and thought it would be great if I could recreate that and do that for a fundraiser for the Bowen family.”

Skerrat said her son is in the same grade as Lily, and after putting on these fundraisers, she got the opportunity to sell her cocktail jars at a pop-up shop, and her own storefront in 2021.

She said that the fundraisers have received a large amount of feedback and support from the community.

“She has been suffering for quite a few years now and the community’s been great about rallying behind her,” Skerrat stated.

She said that even though this fundraiser is over, the store has a tip jar and Lily’s family has a GoFundMe page as well.