Student leaders call for review of Greek Life on MSU’s campus


Student leaders at Michigan State University are calling for a review of Greek Life on campus after several cases of fraternity and sorority hazing at Universities across the country turned deadly.

“We want to show that we can do something. We don’t need to wait for an unfortunate tragedy to happen on our hands to say we have to now do something,” says MSU’s Student Body President, Lorenzo Santavicca.

Santavicca says Greek life at MSU makes up nearly 12% of the total student body and is growing each year.

In an effort to provide a safe a positive environment for all students on campus, he says it’s time for Spartans to take charge and dive deeper into the policies and procedures surrounding Greek life at MSU.

“How do we as student leaders have this conversation among ourselves, before administrators have that conversation for us,” says Santavicca.

In order to make that happen, the group of Associated Students of MSU passed a resolution calling for a review of MSU’s practices when it comes to the state of fraternity and sorority life on campus.

Santavicca says that review will be conducted by both Greek and non-Greek members focusing on things like behavioral trends, relationship agreements, health and safety resources, and identifying areas in need of improvement.

“That way we are not ‘Michigan State University’s fraternity or sorority’ or whatever it may be that is causing a shut down or suspension or something of that sort for our community,” says Santavicca.

Santavicca says he’s talked with MSU’s Greek life advisers who are on board with the idea and also students who hope this will change the way sororities and fraternities are looked at on college campuses.

“The values of philanthropy, scholarship, and community engagement are there but we want to elevate that higher once we can get through all this negative underlying stigma that might be existing because of all this national climate and really cut through that and say this is what’s happening at Michigan State University and this is how we’re being proactive to change that,” says Santavicca.

That review is expected to be conducted by April 2018 under the advisement and guidance of the Office of Greek Affairs as well as other community stakeholders.

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