Students demand action regarding climate change


Some michigan State University students ditched their afternoon classes Friday to protest. Instead of saying go green for school spirit, they’re saying go green for the global climate strike.

Two groups met in Mid-Michigan to take part in this strike.  One in downtown Lansing at the capitol and the other at Michigan state’s campus.

The students met in front of the hannah administration building. Those protesting want policy makers to create changes regarding climate justice issues. This includes investing in renewable energy and bringing awareness to the green new deal.

One of the students at the protest, Eloise Mitchelle, mentioned this deal is one of the most aggressive plans to confront climate change.

She said it’s important for students to engage and participate in events like this.

“Also just getting them to be aware of the consequenses of what’s happening and to realizae that they do have a voice to stop it if they want to speak up,” Mitchelle said.

She hopes having this strike on campus will make more people aware and adds this is an issue that will impact her generation strongly.

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