EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Classes are almost back in session at Michigan State University which means the campus is full of parents moving students in.

Dorms around campus are lined with freshman and sophomore students ready to take the jump into a new year.

Parents and students said traffic has been heavy around campus as new Spartans pick up the keys ahead of a new school year. For freshman Logan Whittecar, the day comes with a mix of emotions.

“I had to say goodbye to my two lovely pups at home, kind of cried about that one. But other than that, it’s been easy for me at least. Nervous but mainly just excited, you know, to start off a new life, get a fresh start,” he said.

For sophomores coming back to campus, some said packing was easier but moving has been a challenge as more students move into the dorms.

“I used to live in McDonald on the east side, so it was a lot less people than this, this is a lot of people. But I was much more prepared compared to last year. I didn’t bring as much stuff so now I definitely moved in a lot quicker,” MSU sophomore Carlos Vega said.

Michigan State University officials said a small number of students could be living with a third roommate this year.

One Spartan parent we spoke with said she understands need for housing but didn’t like the idea.

“We lucked out and she only has one other student so we only have a room of two but year that does seem a little chaotic with an extra kid in the room and the rooms are not that big. I don’t think anyone is happy about it what are you going to do?” Parent Rachel Strozeski said.

Move-in continues through Sunday with classes starting on August 31.