LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Yesterday, 6 News showed video of a Dwight Rich School of the Arts teacher fighting with a student. Today we’re back with an update on the fight.

Take a look at the video above.

The student in the white shirt punching the teacher in the back is 7th grader Mikiyella Jones.
The student on the floor is fellow 7th grader, Olivia Snider.

Jones claims the fight started when the teacher pushed another student, and Olivia confronted her about it in the doorway of the classroom.

The teacher pushed a group of students that included Jones and Snider out of her classroom and they started pounding on the door to get back in.

“She opened up the door, that’s when I got hit right here and that’s where the fight broke out,” said Jones.

And when the teacher had Snider on the floor in the hallway, Jones decided to step in.

“I saw everybody just standing around recording, and I was like no I’m not going to do that, because my friend is on the floor getting choked, like I feared for her life, so I hit the teacher in her safety,” said Jones.

Another dwight rich student saw the video and says he was shocked.

“The students, they’re all wild and stuff but teacher should have taken better responsibility of controlling these kids,” said student Marquon Smith.

One parent who saw the video says because of staff shortages and extra stress, it’s the parents who need to step up.

“Everybody wants to blame the school, they want to put the blame on the educators, the teachers and I think that as parents its time to own up to our own responsibilities and teaching our kids right from wrong,” said parent Casandra Rivera.

Jones says her injury caused her face to turn black and blue and swell up.

So she went to urgent care, got x-rays and was diagnosed with a concussion.

“That made me so much more upset, I mean it’s okay I understand there was a lot going on or whatever but just the fact that it could have been way worse, it’s only a mild concussion but it’s still a concussion,” said Jones’ mom, Britany Jones.

The teacher is on paid administrative leave.

Olivia Snider, the student who was in the fight with the teacher is not allowed back to school and Jones has been suspended for 10 days.

6 News did reach out to Lansing School District officials again today and their comment is “the investigation is still ongoing.”