EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — More than 6,000 documents related to Larry Nassar, former Michigan State University physician and convicted sexual predator, remain in the university’s possession — and students aren’t too happy about it.

“I understand that the weather is pretty rough here,” Event Organizer and MSU Student Charlotte Plotzke said. “But it’s important for me to be here because I want to speak for and advocate for the people who can’t be here.”

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel recently renewed the state’s request for the documents and asked for full transparency. The MSU Board of Trustees denied the request.

“I was honestly not surprised. They’ve been doing stuff like this since the case happened,” Plotzke said.

Around a dozen students gathered around the Hannah Administration Building on Tuesday.

They say they feel that the board is protecting the former doctor and that the recent decision further harms the Spartan community, especially those who were abused by Nassar.

“I want to speak for and advocate for the people who can’t be here right now who aren’t in the East Lansing area, the Nassar victims, the victims of sexual harassment in general,” said event organizer Charlotte Plotzke.

Advocates say they’ve waited since 2016 for the full collection of documents, and that the decision only shows the university isn’t taking sexual assault seriously.

“This has been an issue that has been plaguing my school since before I even went here and it is still ongoing,” MSU Junior Madison Reinhold said. “And I cannot believe that they are still hiding stuff. That is not something that I want my school to stand for.”

Organizers say they won’t stop showing up until university leaders do something about the issue.

“It honestly looks ridiculous and it’s embarrassing to be here. It’s embarrassing to be at this institution and be represented by people who take sexual harassment…so very not seriously,” Plotzke said.

Plotzke adds all they want is transparency and they won’t stop until they get it.

“Let this serve as a statement that MSU students are not going to be tolerating any more acts like this from the Board,” Plotzke said.

A spokesperson with the university told 6 News the school respects students’ freedoms to exercise their First Amendment rights.

They also passed along a previous statement from Board Chair Rema Vassar saying quote “We understand that for those who continue to push for this transparency, this is not what you want to hear…” she continued, “On behalf of the board, I do apologize.”