LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The leaked Supreme Court opinion on Roe versus Wade continues to spark protests around the nation. On Sunday, students from across Michigan rallied in support of abortion access and took their voices to the capitol steps.

This all comes nearly a week after a state judge approved a preliminary injunction on the 1931 abortion ban yet teen speakers said that’s not enough.

“Our rights are at risk the most because 38 states in the United States do have restrictions on youth who can not access abortions because they must receive parental consent. So, we can not just stop at blocking the 1931 law, we need to do more to protect abortion in Michigan,” said organizer and high school junior, Hafiza Khalique.

She was one of several students who organized the rally calling for a constitutional amendment proposal that would protect abortion in Michigan. Students said one of their concerns is requirement for parental permission before being prescribed birth control, a hurdle they hope to remove with the proposal as well.

While speakers shared their experiences on the capitol steps, a small number of abortion opponents gathered. One pro-life activist said expanding abortion access would do more harm than good.

“We know that abortion ends an innocent human life but outside of that we are seeking to protect both the woman and the child in that situation,” said Audrey Whipple.

Students took their rally to the streets and marched down East Michigan Avenue. One student, who made the trip from Detroit said young voters matter now more than ever.

“I feel like if no one does anything and if we all just act like someone else will take all this burden off of us, then nothing will happen and things will actually get worse,” said Ruben Jimenez.

On Friday, attorneys representing Right to Life of Michigan filed a complaint with the court of appeals claiming that the judge that approved that injunction was overstepping her bounds.