EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Students who were inside the MSU Union during the shooting were able to return to the scene of the crime to retrieve any belongings that they left behind in their frantic escape.

Around 1 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, students returned to this site, some say they were hesitant to go back in, and apart from cleaning up the area where the shooting occurred, officials have left everything as it was.

“I remember a car that had to stop because there was just so many of us running out,” said Andrew Strominger, a student worker at the Union.

Strominger is a sophomore at Michigan State University and was working in the cafeteria when shots were fired.

“I was like a room away from where everything happened… As soon as I looked in the kitchen and saw people running, that I immediately turned away and ran,” said Strominger.

His coworker Brian Fraser was one of the students who was killed.

“We both started working four months ago. We all loved him, I liked working with him I liked working with everyone here,” said Strominger.

Strominger was one of the many students who came back to the Union to gather any belongings left during the shooting.

“That’s one of the things I was kind of worried about, I don’t know how I’m going to react to seeing all that,” said Strominger.

Trained FBI victim specialists escorted each student through the building.

“They’ll bring each student and their parents in if they prefer us to retrieve their items and bring them out to them we will do that as well, and we will also provide mental health support to them too… Try to return to some sense of normalcy it will be a long healing process we all know that,” said FBI agent Jim Tarasca.

Many students, faculty, and staff will have trouble getting back to how things were.

“I’m not going to be going back to work, if I’m going to go back to work I’m not really sure about that even, but if I do, it’s going to be a long time,” said Strominger.

The same process will happen Thursday morning at Berkey Hall.

Students, faculty, and staff can meet at the east entrance at 10 a.m. to get their things back.