LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) —In the wake of a new after-incident report on this year’s shooting at MSU, students are saying what changes they have seen on campus.

The report highlights many changes suggested for the campus, but students have been noticing differences of their own. That includes increased policing.

“There is a lot of police here like I always see police coming by walking by,” said Hunter Davis, a junior at MSU. “And so that’s obviously good, it keeps us safe keeps us knowledgeable.”

Students also tell us there are more mental health resources available than in previous years. “That’s been a lot more emphasized,” said Delta Waldburger, a senior at MSU. “There are resources available which is good to know as a college student in general.”

Students 6 News spoke with said the most noticeable change is building access, with MSU requiring ID cards for entry after 6 p.m. “Definitely more buildings being locked I know the dorms are pretty heavy on that,” Waldburger said.

Despite these measures, students said there is still anxiety going around campus and there are many people who are still trying to put the incident behind them.