EAST LANSING, Mich, (WLNS) – College students are also back on campus and Michigan State University made the start of the school year official with the fall welcome event for its freshman class.

This year’s freshmen class is the largest class size in the university’s history. But with that many students coming onto campus, and sophomores required to live in dorms, some students were forced to cram an extra student into their living space – making tight spaces feel even smaller.

With the largest freshman class size in Michigan State University’s history this year coming in at 9,800. The university had to get creative when it came to where to put them all. The answer was to ask for help from the students.

“They had to add one more person toward certain rooms in order to compensate for all those people added. So doubles become rooms of three people, triples sometimes even four people and even quads sometimes even five people,” said freshman Rion Tinsely.

Rion Tinsley is just one of the many students asked to house an extra person in his dorm. He says it’s already a tight space but with an extra person. He had to leave a lot of his stuff at home.

“I can only bring in like two weeks of clothes and interchange them every week,” said Tinsley.

To compensate for the extra person, MSU gave those students $1,500 off their room and board.

Tinsley thinks this should have been dealt with differently and others agree.

Kayla Kramer says she thinks the university put its bottom line ahead of the needs of students.

“I feel like its very money hungry. Cause like if you knew like we didn’t have enough space you know shouldn’t have accepted a lot of students. And I feel like that for every college,” Kramer said.

Michigan State told students that they hope to have this problem resolved in a month, so that means another move for some students as other dorm rooms become available.