Students returned to school in Jackson County this morning


JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – Although Jackson County’s Concord schools had to delay their first day back, the rest of the area headed back this morning.

The buses lined up Jackson Public Schools’ Dibble Elementary and, it’s first time principal may be just as energetic as the returning students.

“It’s kind of surreal. It’s exciting. And, a little nerve racking combined but, I’m excited for it. I’m ready for and I’m looking forward to seeing all the kids come off the busses,” said Dibble Elementary Principal Marty DuBois.

And, just like the principal the kindergarteners are experiencing something new.

Andy Marlow who is a parent of a fifth grader and kindergartener said, “little nervous for the kindergartener. The fifth grader has been through the whole school so, she’s pretty much set but the kindergartener . . . it’s going to be a challenge. Excited and nervous. He’ll be alright, but it’ll be a big adjustment for him.”

But, he’s not the only parent showing emotion.

“I’m a little said. You know, end of summer. Bringing back the schedules. Homework. Getting back into the schedules,” said Barb DeMann who has a son in the second grade.

People know these feelings are a normal part of sending their loved ones off to school.

Sharp Park Academy Principal Jasper Lusby said, “making sure parents are prepared and ready to leave their kids because you know, their time is over with their kids over the summer. And, they have to turn them back over to us and for some families that’s really hard. You know, making sure families feel good about leaving their kids with us.”

The learning starts for another year as parents leave them behind.

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